2019 Sale report

Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 38th Annual Production Sale

Saturday, March 2, 2019

At the Ranch — Selby, SD

Gelbvieh, Balancer, Black Angus

Owners – Vaughn & Wendy Thorstenson, Brian & DeDee Begeman

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar, Seth Weishaar


80 Black Balancers      $4325

49 Red Balancers        $3853

49 Black Angus            $3762

178 Bulls                     $4090


A crowd of dedicated customers braved icy roads and negative wind chill to be on the seats for the Thorstenson Lazy TV Ranch 38th Annual Bull Sale at the ranch near Selby, SD. Internet bidding warmed up the sale’s atmosphere and dispersed bulls to buyers in eight states. The sale was hosted by Vaughn and Wendy Thorstenson and Brian and DeDee Begeman.


Lot 1 – Lazy TV Dividend F402, a black Balancer sired by Sitz Dividend 649C posting WW and YW EPDs in the top 10% of the breed along with a BW EPD in the top 25% of the breed led off and topped the offering at $14,500. Also ranking in the top 10% of the offering for feed efficiency and homo black and homo polled, he was purchased by longtime customer Todd Goetz of Selby, SD.


Lot 105 – Lazy TV Hard Drive F457, a red BA38 sired by Bieber Hard Drive Y120 and out of a Dam of Merit ranked in the top 2% of the breed for both WW and YW EPDs along with indexing 116 at weaning. Repeat buyer Scarborough Ranch, Marc and Pam Scarborough, of Hayes, SD, had the final bid at $13,000.


Lot 4 – Lazy TV Boulder F404, a black BA25 sired by KCF Bennett Boulder and out of a first calf heifer, was chosen by another longtime customer, Larry Thompson of Glenham, SD, at $11,500. He posted a 1377-lb. yearling weight to index 117 and indexed 114 at weaning, while still being above average in the feed efficiency test.


Lot 158 – Leading off the Angus offering was Lazy TV Weigh Up F944 sired by Plattemere Weigh Up K360 and out of the dam who also produced their high-selling Angus bull in 2017. He posted a 122 WW index and a 116 YW index. North Fork Gelbvieh Ranch, Wilmot, SD, claimed the bull at $11,000.


Lot 106 – Another popular red Balancer was Lazy TV Profitbuilder F439 who boasted EPDs in the top 10% of the breed for WW, YW, and FPI and was also in the top 30% for feed efficiency. Longtime buyers Merle and Adrienne Hicks, Martin, S.D. chose this H2R Profitbuilder B403 son at $10,000 as well as claiming six other high-selling Balancer bulls.


Lot 13 – Neil Schnabel, Ashley, ND, had the final bid at $10,000 on Lazy TV Prime F430. Sired by Lazy TV Prime F430 and out of a very productive cow family, Lot 13 also featured carcass EPDs ranking in the top 25% of the breed.


Lot 107 – Another popular red Balancer out of H2R Profitbuilder B403 was chosen by Jim Houck, Akaska, at $9500. F441 boasted EPDs ranking in the top 10% of the breed for BW, WW and YW.


Lot 15 – Neil Schnabel struck again purchasing Lazy TV Comrade F421 at $8500. The black Balancer was sired by 2M01 Comrade and out of a first-calf heifer.